Stephanie Rainey

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Stephanie Rainey’s music is not about the gloss and glamour of life but the grit and grind of the real world. One of Ireland’s most-played female artists on radio, she has a combined 30m streams and views across all music on her social platforms and has shared spotlights with the likes of Imelda May, Kodaline, The Waterboys, Tom Walker, Tom Odell, and Donovan. At the heart of Stephanie’s creative sensibility is her love of the simple, glorious pop song. She has learned from the greats - draw the listener in with credible, interesting, perceptive lyrics and then knock ‘em out with hook after hook. “I grew up listening to and loving pop songs, and the way they can cut you open with one line is something to be treasured. I love the way they remind you of a time and place. I want to be that time and that place for someone, or for a group of friends that came to one of my gigs and had a cry or a laugh. That’s the goal.”

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