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A UK and Los Angeles based company established in June 2005 by Sue Crawshaw, a music industry professional for over 28 years.




Pick And Mix Music is a specialist music synchronization agency for Film, TV, Video games and the Advertising industry.  A personal service set up for independent music companies (record companies / publishers and managers) to market their artists and composers to US and UK Music Supervisors, film studios and broadcasters.


Pick and Mix Music is in constant communication with music supervisors and creatives to help them source their specific music requirements for each project and then pitch the appropriate material. Pick and Mix Music can also assist in the preparation and drafting of all necessary licensing agreements and paperwork. As synch agents we work to maximize revenue for our clients by looking for opportunities for their artists within TV and Film. 


Pick and Mix Music is more than just a sync agency, via our efforts within TV and Film we build platforms that help labels, artists and managers build music careers outside of album sales and touring. Since starting the company Pick and Mix Music has a reputation for providing good quality music emerging from the UK and providing a valuable service to both music supervisors and clients.



Sue also works as a music supervisor on various successful TV productions including THE CROWN Seasons 1 & 2 (Netflix), STRIKE BACK Seasons 6-8 (Cinemax), BEHIND HER EYES (Netflix), QUIZ (ITV), OASIS (Amazon Pilot), ORIGIN (YouTube Red), THE REPLACEMENT (BBC) as well as various indie movies.

Sue is a current member of the TV Academy and The Music Supervisors Guild

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Sue is ably assisted in the running of Pick And Mix Music by Tony Pope, a fellow music industry professional of over 34 years. Tony has previously worked at the very highest levels in artist management and at record companies. His day to day role within Pick And Mix Music is as Creative Director.